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The Prodigal Son

by Glenn Tompkins

This balloon lesson on the Prodigal son from Luke 15 is based on balloon figures from Ralph Dewey's Gospel Balloon Routines #4, His lesson is Love over Evil. In this routine, I will refer to the balloon figures by using all capital letters. The balloon figures do not look exactly like capital letters. (This routine is by Glenn Tompkins) Today we are going to tell a story from the Bible in a new way, with balloons. I will need four of you to hold the balloons so that everyone can see them, and I will be moving you to different places in the line.

Here is a L, you hold this. Here is an I, it is rather long, but you hold it. Here is an V, and here is an E. Together they spell what? That's right, LIVE.

A man had two sons and the younger one said, I want to really LIVE, not just stay around this old farm. I want to do what I want to do, so dad, give my my part of the inheritance.

The father divided the inheritance between his sons, and the younger one headed out to have a good time. It didn't take long for him to waste the money. He probably drank and gambled and used it for all kinds of EVIL (Move helpers to spell EVIL.) The money ran out, and he didn't have any friends.

He got hungry. He didn't have an education, so the only kind of a job he could get was on a farm. Here he was on a pig farm, and he was still hungry, so hungry that he wanted to fight the pigs for their food. He thought, I'm going home, and if I have to work on a farm, it'll be a better one than this pig farm. By this time he smelled like the pigs. He was VILE. (Switch line, and hold nose.)

He headed for home, and his father saw him coming when he was a long way off. His father welcomed him, because he had LOVE for him. (Change line of children and make the I into an O.)

The father didn't even say, "Go, get cleaned up first!" God is like that. He says, "Come just as you are, and I'll make you what you ought to be."

God's love doesn't make you get things right first. We come to Him, and He cleans us up, makes us a new person, and gives us eternal life.

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