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Cut and Restored Balloon Trick

by Ralph Dewey

Here is a balloon trick that is easy to do and has a great gospel message. You will need two 9" round balloons of the same color, a black Sanford's Expo dry marker, a balloon stick (or pencil) and a pair of scissors.

Temporarily inflate one of the 9" balloons but don't tie it yet. Mark a smile face on the nipple end. That would be the end opposite the nozzle. Give the ink a moment to dry then let it deflate.
Use the balloon stick (or pencil) to poke the nipple end of the balloon up into its nozzle.
Stop about 1/4 of an inch from the entrance of the nozzle.
Take the second 9" round balloon and use the scissors to cut off just the nozzle lip. Spread open this balloon and place the first balloon inside of it. Make the cut off part fit just under the nozzle lip of the first balloon.
Notice the arrow in the photo for the location. The prepared balloon will appear to be one uninflated round balloon. When performing the trick, you will cut off about 1/2 or less of the round part of the balloon. See the dashed lines in the photo. Even though the first balloon is tucked well inside the neck of the balloon, be careful not to cut it.
Now the balloon is ready so that you can perform the trick. Show the balloon to the audience and explain that the round balloon represents our life without Christ. Use the marker to make a few black marks on the balloon representing sin. The wages of our sin gives us a death sentence. Our sin will destroy us. Take the scissors and cut off the bottom of the balloon and let that piece fall to the ground. Explain that the good news is that Jesus restores broken lives. If we repent of our sins, Jesus can make us whole again. As Christians we get filled with the Holy Spirit. Cup your hands around the entire balloon and quickly inflate it so that it emerges from between your hands. (The smile face will be showing to the audience. The cut balloon will automatically gather up around the nozzle of the first balloon as it enlarges. Tie the nozzle so that the cut balloon is part of the knot. Keep the audience from seeing this piece by holding the balloon knot to the rear and out of their sight.)

Explain that when we let Jesus be our Lord and Savior, He will restore us. The smile face reminds us that when we accept Jesus, we become filled with the joy of the Lord.

Thanks for sharing this Ralph!

Ralph has written several books with more great ideas. You can learn more about them on his website (listed in the resources section).

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