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Looking to Jesus

by Ken Cooper


My name is Ken Cooper. Here is one routine I came up with and I haven’t seen it posted.

You will need several round balloons filled very full.

One assistant that has a concealed thumbtack on their thumb (I used my daughter and taped the thumbtack on with a band aide.)

You can either make a balloon bow or not (when I taught the lesson, I just used my hands and called it my Spiritual bow.)

The lesson is about facing our problems and coming against them in the name of JESUS. I talk to the kids about how that these balloons represent trials and troubles. I then ask my assistant to hold one of the balloons up. I start by saying, “problem go away.” But the balloon does not pop so the problem is still there. I will finally say, “I come against this problem in the name of Jesus.” My assistant will then discretely pop the balloon. I will then call other kids out of the audience to give it a try.

Ken Cooper

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