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Where is God?

by Greg Schuerman

This is a lesson about how God is percieved as being up in the clouds ready to strike us with lightning if we do anything wrong. It concludes with transforming the lightning into a cross, explaining that Christ died for our sins.

Preparation: You will need 1 white 260 and a yellow 260.

I have included some simple patter which will give you an idea of the basic idea of the routine. I tend to ad lib quite a bit to suit my audience.

Where is God? (accept answers from the kids) Some people think of Him as living up in the clouds (hold up cloud) way up here.
Others see Him up there, but with a lightning bolt ready to strike at us whenever we do something wrong (Name examples of sins, and strike them with the lightning bolt. The lightning bolt is made with pinch twists, including the end.)
But that is not how the Lord works. He doesn't throw lightning bolts, in fact, He came down to Earth and died on the cross to save us from our sins. (You will twist here to transform the lightning bolt into a cross).
This is the finished sculpture and a good time for a prayer.

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