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Ginger in India

Ginger Lewis


It's Ginger again .... My team is back from India. We had an awesome trip.

In all, I got to witness to over 1,000 kids in 5 days ... visiting a different village each day. The balloons were SUCH an overwhelming success! Most of the children in these villages had never seen any kind of balloon twisting. I did the cross and cloud routine, the gospel flower from Ralph Dewey's book and then miscellaneous animals with Bible stories. Each day, the school emptied out for our medical clinic, and I got the children to teach and witness to for 2-3 hours. Incredibly, we sat in front of a Hindu temple with 380 or so children one day, preaching the gospel with balloons, magic color-changing bags and songs. God is an awesome God!

I also had the opportunity to share with some orphans who are being cared for by our host's church in Bangalore. These children who have nothing were so thrilled to get some balloon toys. Their faces were glowing!

Here are a couple of ideas about telling stories with balloon animals that I did in India on a mission trip. As far as I know, they're fairly original ... maybe gleaned from things I've read or seen:

The dog -- I made dogs and told of how many dogs have masters. Some masters are good and loving and take care of their animals and some are cruel and mean. I talked about how when God is the master of our life, He is loving and forgiving and only wants what is best for us.

Fish -- I made a fish while telling the story of Jesus and His disciples. I talked about how Jesus had friends and followers who were everyday people like fishermen. How He cared so much for His friends. Then how, once when they were fishing a big storm came up and scared the disciples. Then, how Jesus calmed the storm. He cared for His disciples and He cares for us. He doesn't want us to be afraid because He takes care of us.

Giraffe, elephant, regular dog, weiner dog .... I made a lot of these animals and just did general talk about the God that created all the universe made a variety of animals ... ones with long noses, long necks and sometimes long bodies. I talked about how He made man in His own image .... in a special and unique way .... just to have fellowship or friendship with Him.

I've set up a website to give out information about the work still going on there. The link is

One more thing ... since the time I wrote you before, I found out that the village where we had 380 children in front of the Hindu temple has had a church started there as a result of our sharing the gospel. The Hindu priest in the temple prayed to receive Christ that day, and there are ongoing children's ministries and Bible studies there now.


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