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Now Comes the Fun Part

Greg Schuerman

Almost a year ago, the Lord began tugging at my heart to create this website. About three years ago, my son came home with a balloon dog. I looked at it and thought "hmmm, I think I could make one of those." Being a computer programmer, I went straight to the Internet. I soon discovered that there was a lot more you could do with balloons than just balloon dogs. Through a Google search, I stumbled upon BalloonHQ. Wow. What a resource.

Soon I was twisting quite a few figures--and one night while practicing and learning new sculptures, a booming voice said "Greg, you can do this in places other than just the basement". It turns out that the voice was my wife speaking from behind the wall of my practice creations. Consequently, I began twisting for family, friends, and my church. It was while I was standing there as a "balloon factory" at a church picnic that I realized that I could be using this as a tool for spreading the Gospel instead of just pumping out balloons.

Again, my computer programmer mentality kicked in--back to Google. I stumbled upon Professor Wonder's website. Cool. Balloons, Magic, sharing the Gospel. I immediately emailed him and asked about other Gospel resources. He mentioned a couple great ones: Ralph Dewey and John Holmes. Ralph and John have some good books and tapes out. I learned, and began creating my own routines. It was then that I realized that the Lord was leading me to share the gifts He has given me--balloons and computer programming.

The first time I did a Gospel routine for a Sunday School class, I realized the power of it. You have their attention, and they have a visual representation of the message that you are giving. This makes it more likely that it will sink in. GospelBalloons is here because the Lord showed me a way to use my talents to glorify Him. Just as BalloonHQ supports the general twisting community, I hope that GospelBalloons will support the Gospel twisting community. This site is not intended to teach a person how to twist balloons. BalloonHQ and many books do this very well. This is a place of learning and sharing for those who use balloons to share the Good News. Please pray that the Lord uses this site to further His Kingdom.

Now comes the fun part... I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us next!

Yours in Christ,


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